Regular events

We invite you to join one of wine or food tastings we organize regularly, you will enjoy it!

Taste our wine selection from Chile and Argentina. 6 wines, different style, different sensation, different story. Get to know about the history of winemaking in both countries. Meet other wine lovers and enjoy the event!
Wine tasting in English will be held by Izabela Kamińska, wine journaliste, trainer of Wine&Spirit Educaiton Trust courses, author of the "Ale Wino!" show presented on Youtube.
Location will be added shortly.

Pinot Noir. Some experts and winemakers call it The Holy Grail of wine. Others describe it: beautiful, captivating, eternal. It's a capricious grape variety, difficult to cultivate and work with. Those who remember the filme "Sideways" can wonder why main character were chasing the perfect bottle of Pinot Noir.
So join us and find out which of especially selected Pinot Noir wines from 6 different wine regions match your taste.
Tasting held in Polish by Izabela Kamińska, wine journalist and author of the "Ale Wino" show to be watched on Youtube.

Let's celebrate the beginning of Spring and drink Champagne. The most famous and the most expensive bubbles in the world. Why is that? What makes this wine so special? What is the past, present and future style of Champagne represented by big Maisons de Champagne and independent producers.
Meet Izabela Kamińska, wine journalist and trainer of Wine&Spirit Education Trust courses, privately big fan of Champagne.
The tasting will be held in English and the venue will be added shortly.