Regular events

We invite you to join one of wine or food tastings we organize regularly, you will enjoy it!

Wine lovers and professionals dealing with wine on every-day basis - this workshop is for you! How to read and pronounce difficult French names (appellation, regions, producers etc)? How to understand labels of French wines? Join us for the professional French-in-wine-business workshop and French wine tasting. No need to speak French, but if you study French, join us to learn wine-related jargon. Check yourself, learn and become real French wine specialist.

Christmas is coming and we All long for a moment to relax, sit with fellow-Wine Lovers around a table, raise a glass of fantastic wine and chat. Meet other Wine and Food Lovers to celebrate the Christmas season. Delicious food and wine selection - indulge yourself in charming and relaxed atmosphere at the dinner tasting.
The place will be added shortly.

New Year, new occasion to meet old friends and make new ones. Dinner tasting - delicious food with matching wine selection - is a perfect occasion to meet people and a first of our tasting events in 2020.
Let's open few bottles, chat and plan the 2020 Wine Tastings Adventures!
Book the date and stay tuned for more details.
Lobo Bistro, ul. Noakowskiego 16, Warszawa